Group Orders

Our Group Ordering Feature simplifies the process of ordering individual meals for your team. You select who to invite to the order, which restaurants to include, the per person budget, and when you would like delivery. That's it! Our technology allows your team to add to the order through an email link or by logging into our site. Your invitees add their items, choose their options and the order closes 90 minutes prior to your specified delivery time. The food arrives at your requested time already labeled with each individual's name... what could be easier?

  • Tired of going from person to person to get their lunch order?

  • Schedule orders for the same day, or up to 30 days in advance.

  • Please allow at least 2 hours before your delivery time for your team to select their items.

  • Orders can include one or more restaurants

  • Set budgets for each person

  • Orders can be paid by company or by each person

  • Quickly invite people to the order by choosing from one or more invitation lists

  • Check on the status of your order at any time

  • Our system will send you a reminder before the order closes letting you know who has ordered and who has not

Our Group Ordering system allows you to set budgets for each person. You have the option of allowing people to go over their budget if they pay for the excess themselves.
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